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~ ⓘ ⒤ ї 유  ~ ∼

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About Symbol Meaning

What does the “not (0)” symbol mean? - Quora

The “about” symbol, often denoted as “∼” or “≈”, is like a little bridge between numbers. It shows that things are pretty close, but not exactly the same. Imagine you’re comparing sizes of two pizzas – one is 10 inches, the other is about 10 inches. It’s like saying they’re really similar, but maybe not exactly identical. The “about” symbol is a friendly way math talks about estimates. It reminds us that sometimes we don’t need exact numbers, and being close is good enough. So, next time you see it, remember, it’s like a math high-five for similarity!

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What does ‘~’ mean?

The informal meaning of the term “approximately” is “about”, “around”, or “around”. For example, “~30 minutes prior” refers to “approximately 30 minutes prior”.

Does ‘~’ mean approximately?

Approximation. A tilde (pronounced “tilde”) is sometimes used in informal writing to mean “about” or “approximately.” For instance, a sentence such as “I believe my dog weighs approximately 20 pounds” means “I think approximately 20 pounds my dog weighs.”

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What is the difference between ≅ and ≈?

Basically, when you’re dealing with congruence relations, you can use two tildes or two wavy lines that are about the same, or two tildes over two lines, or one tilde over two lines. Modular arithmetic is a great way to do this.